Professional preparation for your assessment centre group and individual exercises

How we improve your outcome in group and individual exercises:

  • Practice group and individual simulations with experienced psychologists and assessment centre trainers..
  • Receive valuable feedback about your performance in simulations and tailored guidance on how to improve your outcome.
  • Receive useful strategies for how to ensure that you pass the group exercise with flying colours.

Why it is important to prepare for your group and individual exercises:

  • Your performance in group and individual exercises are key in employers hiring decision.
  • Many people who take part in a group or individual exercise are not able to demonstrate their true social skills due to stress and pressure. Your behaviour might change significantly when you are stressed and unprepared!
  • Most other participants in your group exercise will have a strong ambition to succeed in the task and come out with flying colours. Therefore, preparing for your group and individual exercise will give you the edge you need.
  • You have only one chance for a good score in your group and individual exercises. Companies administering assessment centres do not offer a second chance.

These points demonstrate that it is extremely important for you to be at your best when undertaking your group and individual assessment centre exercises. There is no second chance!

How we prepare you for your assessent centre group and individual exercises:

Take our 1-on-1 coaching sessions for your group and individual exercises delivered by experienced psychologists:

  1. We have a large number of individual and group simulations based on real assessment centre exercises used in Australia.
  2. Each individual and group exercise will include a personal feedback by an experienced assessment centre observer.
  3. Feedback includes what is the role you feel comfortable taking in a group, what are your areas of improvement and what are your strengths.
  4. Our experienced psychologists will provide you with an effective box of tailored strategies for you to achieve a good outcome in your group and individual group exercises.
  5. You will be given all the do’s and don’ts of the individual and group exercises.
  6. You will also receive useful tips on how to overcome the challenges of a group or individual exercises. Challenges include – what do I do when some else takes lead, how do I deal with dominant people in the group, how do I avoid sitting quietly during the group exercise, how do I make my opinion heard etc.

Click to read some of the knowledge and strategies we teach you in our 1-on-1 coaching sessions for the assessment centre group and individual exercises.

To book a coaching session with one of our experienced psychologists and assessment centre trainers you would first need to select your relevant classification and job level so we can tailor the training to your needs.