Professional career advice and career change services

Need a career change? Want to find your dream career?

Want to do a career change? Need some job counselling? Do you feel that you need some career advice? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then we can assist you to change your job and find the right one for you.

Professional career tests to find the right career change

We don’t believe in simply interviewing you and basing our recommendation on our gut feeling. We use validated and reliable career and personality tests such as The Strong Interests Inventory and 16 Personality Factors inventory to ensure that we find the most appropriate career change to fit you, your personality and your aspirations.

We provide you with professional career advice about the most suitable career change and career options for you. We understand that it can sometimes be difficult to be objective and identify the best career change for you. This is where we are the experts.

Tailored to your career change needs

Making a career change is one of the most challenging life decisions we make. Making the wrong career change choice can cause you to not only lose time and money but can also lead to dissatisfaction and even depression.

These days, our career change options seem endless and that makes the task of choosing the right career change even more complicated and challenging.

  • We understand the challenges in making a career change and will work closely with you to ensure you make the right career change choice.
  • We use only credible and professional vocational and career tests to provide career advice about the right career change for you.
  • We work with you on different aspects of your career change that are necessary for achieving a sustainable and satisfying career.
  • We explore your career interests to check the viability of various career change directions.
  • We analyse and review your skills and what you will need to support your new career path.
  • We will also discuss how you can market yourself, emphasising your transferable career skills and experience.

Who enjoys our career change and career advice services?

We work with a wide variety of people at every stage of their career and from all different professional sectors;

  • Years 10-12 students who need help and guidance to choose their appropriate tertiary course, subjects and career pathway.
  • Graduates who are looking for career advice on their employment and career options
  • Professionals who are considering a career change and need help planning their next move
  • Individuals who are considering further study and need help choosing the right course
  • The inquisitive who are interested to see if they are in the 'right' career.

Our straightforward and validated career advice approach 

Stage one:

Initially we will schedule a phone or video conference meeting with you. We learn about you, your background, your thoughts and what you wish to achieve in your career.

During this session, we will elaborate about the process and explain what you can expect from us.

What do you get at this stage?

A complete and in-depth understanding of what the process of career change and career advice is all about.

Cost: $57 with  no obligation to continue the process

Stage Two: 

In Stage Two, we start with a comprehensive set of career tests to profile your career interests, job values and work-related personality. These will ensure that we identify the right career change, industry and work environment that best suits you.

In this stage, we use professional and validated career tests and personality tests such as Strong Interests Inventory, Motives, and Values Questionnaire and cognitive tests. These psychometric and career tests ensure that we have a full understanding of you and the most suitable career change for you.

A comprehensive and tailored career profile report based on the validated career and psychometric tests you took.

  • A detailed review of your career profile report.
  • Full understanding of your career change opportunities and insights that are relevant for your future career.
  • Complete understanding of which career change options best suits your career values and skills. 

Cost: $310-$510 depending on your career status and no obligation to continue.

Stage Three:

In Stage Three we work closely with you on how to promote and market yourself to the relevant markets, so you get your dream career. In this stage, you will gain:

  • A successful communication plan to showcase your relevant career skills and personality to potential employers.
  • Practical strategies on how to promote yourself to potential employers
  • Understanding how to authenticly present yourselfto prospective employers.
  • A simple, effectiveplan on how to implement relevant strategic marketing models and brand management development.

Cost $380

Stage Four:

If you feel that you need more career advice and support, we will schedule a meeting with you in three months. We’ll examine your career experiences. We’ll check what works for you and what needs to be altered. We’ll re-examine career change options best suited to you. In this stage you will gain:

  • Deeper insights supported by your personal experience on the right career choice for you.
  • Capability to adjust and perfect your brand marketing strategy.
  • Better understanding on how to implement your professional strengths and transferable skills.

Cost: with a discounted price of $120.

How to take the first step in your career change?

Please contact our experienced career change consultants for further details or to book your first stage on or ring our offices

Meet Don Strusberg, our senior career change consultant:

With over 20 years of experience in diverse roles, from the financial sector to design thinking applications and small business management, Don Strusberg brings extensive knowledge of a wide range of industries.

Don has a passion for helping others to identify and harness their natural strengths and talents and optimise their personal and professional potential.

He holds a Diploma in leadership, facilitating and design personal change from MIT University, Case Western University , IDEO, and other leading universities.

Don has a strong understanding of the challenges involved in changing career and the need for strategic planning to ensure a smooth and fruitful transition.  He uses his strong coaching ability to inspire clients to define their personal mission or vision, clarify their values, and uncover their unique gifts and passions

As a former Design Thinking practitioner, Don is strongly consultative in his approach and sees transparency, openness, and clear communication as keys to success. His friendly and professional manner makes him easy and enjoyable to work with. In client consultations, Doron seeks to establish an environment where clients feel comfortable and have the confidence to engage in productive conversations about their careers, potential hurdles and future aspirations.